The details surrounding this little boy's birthday party are hard to pass up for display.

I met Dennis's mom through a referral and I am so glad we connected because I got to see how much this little boy is loved! Sweet Dennis turned one year old and had the cutest party. Located in Midlothian, Virginia; this clubhouse was the perfect spot for friends and family to gather to celebrate this big milestone.

The esthetics were phenomenal from the color scheme of muted blues and greys to the tiny details of printed wording on crayon bundles. The clubhouse had gorgeous natural light radiating through the common area, always a wonderful sight for a photographer to see. When I say the details were amazing, I mean it! Andrea, Dennis's mom, had created so many custom details for this special little boy as you can see in this gallery below.

The series of events flowed so well and I loved the calm energy I felt from this group of people during this event. Lets talk about the food. Andrea (mom) and Will (dad) cut out sandwiches in shapes of clouds, moons and stars while also creating tasty fruit bowls and pasta dishes. Guests started arriving with hugs, smiles and gifts. I loved seeing Dennis interact with his cousins and friends.

Will, Andrea and Dennis enjoyed others company while I snuck around capturing moments of laughter, hugs, conversation and fun. Next was the big moment, singing Happy Birthday to Dennis (which I ALWAYS join in on because its fun)! He looked around at everyone singing to him with the most precious awe. Dad and mom then presented him with his cake, in hopes he would provide us some cute cake smash photos and moments. Dennis did NOT disappoint. Actually, he went above and beyond by face planting straight into the cake, just totally skipping using his hands. That was hilariously adorable. Next up was opening gifts and then lastly they had an interactive music class led by Miss Anne.

It always makes me smile when I get to be a fly on the wall in peoples lives like this. I am blown away by how much trust my clients put into me and my business. I am forever thankful for all the moments.

Vendor Details:

Music Class- Miss Anne Music Movement

Custom Cake- Publix Bakery

Dennis Name Art- Elizabeth Poole Art

Embroidery- Sew My Monogram (bib and Dennis on the collar of his outfit)

Outfit- Clover Kids Carytown