Ready to start your photography mentorship with hands on learning in Charleston, South Carolina? This course is designed to give you one-on-one mentorship guidance from award winning Juls herself.

Mentorship Course:

6 weeks

One on one training

In person and online training


What are you going to learn in this course? Basic and advanced camera skills, posing skills, that super important muscle memory when it comes to flowing with the clients during sessions, editing skills, basic back end business legalities and training.

Perks? We only schedule one student every 6 weeks to offer you the most out of your investment. After the 6 weeks course is complete, you will have forever access to learning tools and programs from Juls! Juls has an Educators License and has completed numerous Art Courses plus continuing education for her own personal journey, so rest assured she comes naturally ready to teach. These mentorship opportunities only open up in the spring, summer and fall so please reach out!

Our self led, education program that helps on the back office side of business is finally released at a VERY affordable price.

"Being ready isn't a feeling, its a choice. I say do it. Do it scared. Do it even if you are nervous. DO IT!" -Juls