Private Editing

Are you a professional photographer looking to outsource your editing? Whether it be a one time gallery edit or consistent editing, we can help! As a full time photographer myself, I understand how daunting the editing process can be. Hand it off to my team for us to transform your galleries into something you can be proud to share with your clients!

We offer bulk pricing custom to each gallery if it is wedding editing! Turn around time for editing depends on our workload at the time but there is a guaranteed 2-3 week turn around for larger galleries. Expedited editing of 2-3 days can be requested as an upgrade for a flat fee of $75 per gallery.

What is an anchor image? As a private editor, I always request 2-3 images from different lighting scenarios that you have edited yourself as an example for me of how you'd like the final edit to look. If this is not possible in your case, please still reach out.


"Julianne's editing is absolutely phenomenal. It's not often that you find someone capable of having such a wide range of stylistic knowledge at the ready. From vibrant colors to light and airy, Julianne can work with any preferred style--and she can do it *fast*!"

ELLEN B-Virginia


Basic Edit

.75 per image

Basic editing includes balancing color and exposure while hand editing details like cropping, alignment, balance and more. This does not include blemish removal, skin correcting, removing objects from background, etc

Professional Edit

$1 per image

Professional edits include all of basic edit plus advanced retouching such as removing objects from background, blemish removal, skin correction/smoothing and more.

Extensive/Fine Art Edit

Contact me

Extensive edits include both basic and professional edits while focusing on heavy editing such as fine art editing or continuous removal of objects from the background.

Testimonial from photographer who outsourced editing to Juls Photography and Company with some before and after edits below:

"Juls is very professional and easy to work with. She understood my vision for the final results. I'm looking forward to working with her again in the future."

-Nayab T

Raw Image

Final Edit

Raw Image

Final Edit