You probably have never seen a Santa experience quite like this before. The details, the real beard Santa, the activities and location are perfection.

Richmond's newest premier Santa experience debuted their first annual event this November and my company had the pleasure of photographing all these sweet, wide eyed children in awe of real life Santa helping them decorate cookies, write letters to his office in The North Pole, decorate custom ornaments and more. Talk about magical, these kiddos eyes lit up like I have never seen before. It was the absolute sweetest thing to see.

You get an hour with Santa!! That is an eternity compared to the other places you sit down with Santa on his lap for 2 minutes. Upon arrival into the clean, organized and perfectly prepared space, you will the option for any station you please whether it be the baking station where you decorate cookies, the letter writing station with a Santa mailbox to send off your letter or the craft station where all supplies needed to make your very own ornament are right there waiting for the creative juices to flow. This isn't even all though. There are other stations for smaller children) like giant Christmas themed color sheets on the walls, tabletop coloring stations, massive Legos to build with, stuffed animals and Montessori inspired toys. At some point during this phase, a sleigh bell rings and you can hear Santa's "ho, ho, ho" as he makes his way into the common area to visit children.

Santa makes his rounds to visit with each and every child one on one and helps them brainstorm what design for the ornament, helps them choose cookie supplies, encourages them to write a letter to his "office" and he even gets down on the floor with the little kids to color, play ball and more. There are cookies strategically placed around, the best cookies, elves everywhere you look to help you and the best part, it is ALL Christmas themed.

Before you know it, you are invited to the other side of the building to meet with Santa one on one AGAIN (is that not amazing?) to take your Santa photos, talk about what you wish for and find your name on the Nice List. Santa is so dazzling y'all. He has secret fist bump hand shakes he does with the kiddos, the best Santa jokes and such a sweet, gentle personality just like you would hope for.

After each family gets a chance to meet with Santa, the group sits down for milk and cookies while Santa reads a book about Christmas. The kiddos love this part! After he is done, the kids get to take home their ornaments, cookies, candy canes and even a bell that came straight from Santa's Sleigh! If you've been on the fence about attending this wonderful event, please do not pass this by. It has been such a remarkable experience for families in Richmond. If you can't make it this year, 2023 will be even better!

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