Oh, how magical it felt to step inside a 220 year old building to photograph some gorgeous people in the most beautifully planned day!

Nestled in the heart of Charleston, amidst the cobblestone streets and moss-draped oaks, stands a majestic 220-year-old grand mansion, steeped in history and dripping with Southern charm. This stately residence, with its courtly balcony and elegant ballroom, serves as the perfect backdrop for a fairytale wedding, and for Jordan and Katie, it just that! We loved this planned wedding shoot and the vendors that all made this day come together seamlessly.

From the moment they stepped through the wrought-iron gates, Jordan and Katie knew that this grand mansion was leaving no detail behind. With its timeless beauty and old-world charm, it was as if the mansion itself whispered tales of romance and devotion, spanning centuries. There was so much detail to even the simplest and mundane areas of the mansion.

As they wandered up the grand twin staircases at the front and explored the ornate interiors, Jordan and Katie envisioned their wedding day unfolding in this enchanting setting.

For Jordan and Katie, this mansion was the perfect backdrop for this fun filled day where the two of them dressed their best and got pampered along the way.

The main activities of the day took place in the mansion's grand ballroom, where crystal chandeliers sparkled overhead and antique furnishings lent an air of elegance to the festivities. There were original fireplaces, stunning woodwork surrounds and antique furniture to tie it all together.

In the heart of Charleston's historic district, amidst the timeless beauty of a 220-year-old grand mansion, this day was one to remember!