Not only was Charleston bursting with color on this spring evening but these two had the most vibrant personalities and so much love for each other.

Love is a force that radiates energy, and when combined with the charm of Charleston's downtown streets and the fragrant blooms of wisteria, it becomes a vibrant celebration of joy and excitement. Meet Kevin and Brynn, a couple whose love is as infectious as their energy, as they embarked on a memorable engagement session in the heart of Charleston.

Kevin and Brynn's love story is one full of laughter and free spirit. So, it was no surprise that they chose downtown Charleston as the backdrop for their engagement session, eager to capture their love amidst the historic streets and blooming flowers. Tying the knot this summer in a colorful ceremony and reception, these two will truly make this day one to never forget.

As they wandered through the cobblestone streets hand in hand, Kevin and Brynn's excitement was palpable. The scent of wisteria filled the air, its delicate purple blooms adding a touch of romance to the bustling cityscape. They laughed and danced, their love shining brightly against the backdrop of Charleston's timeless beauty.

The vibrant energy of their love seemed to ignite the very streets they walked on, drawing the attention of passersby who couldn't help but smile at the sight of this fun-loving couple. They truly had a little fan base every street we walked down.

From the vibrant azaleas to the delicate cherry blossoms, Charleston's springtime blooms mirrored the beauty and vibrancy of Kevin and Brynn's love. There was one point in time the two of them were tangled up in draping wisteria blooms, honeybees, incredibly powerful fragrance from these blooms and sunshine. What better way to be tangled up?!

As the sun began to set, casting a warm glow over the city, Kevin and Brynn reflected on the day's adventures with hearts full of gratitude and excitement for the journey ahead. Their engagement session had been everything they had hoped for and more – a celebration of their love, their energy, and their shared zest for life.

In Kevin and Brynn, Charleston had found kindred spirits – a couple whose fun-loving nature and infectious energy brought a new dimension of joy to the historic streets. I can NOT wait until their big day this summer!!

Congrats, you two!