These two have an undeniable love for one another..

Have you ever observed how families interact with each other and new family members like fiancés? While I was photographing Brian and Katherines engagement party, with them surrounded by all their family and friends, it was so beautiful watching the dynamic and feeling the love. It truly is goals to have both sides of the family just so proud and in awe of the new couple. What a comforting feeling to blend together so seamlessly.

Brian and Katherines special day celebrating their engagement started with guests making their way into the venue, Atlas 42, being greeted by custom cookies, an open bar, music and most importantly, smiles. There was cocktail hour while guests were meeting each other, playing cornhole, ping pong and more. The venue was delicately laced with florals that perfectly embodied the bohemian desert vibes Katherine loves so much. Terra cotta inspired centerpieces with soft, textured florals were just the beginning of this perfectly planned event. One thing that specifically stood out to me was the strong aroma of flowers; it was so fresh and enlightening. The venue has an indoor/outdoor blended area where guests were making their way around to check out jenga, football games on the TVs, firepit and pond.

Before we knew it, the food and desserts started making their way around with the friendly staff serving from hand to each guest. The sweet treats were especially decadent and fragrant. After dessert, Brian and Katherines parents made a toast (one that made us all cry) with a handful of bottles of Cristal. This toast was a moment that will forever be in my memory. To me, this was such a monumental moment for their families to bond and verbally describe their love for one another in a vulnerable fashion.

Brian and Katherine are perfect for each other and I cant wait to see them get married!