Kent and Rachel had a stunning and perfectly decorated engagement party to celebrate their new promise to each other. Their venue of choice was the gorgeous and privately tucked away Oakley Hill located in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

This couple celebrated their engagement with friends and family on September 17th, 2022 at the impeccably designed Oakley Hill located in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the wonderful owner of the venue, Kathy, who led me to the new barn where the event is being held. This barn was surrounded by flat fields that had gorgeous, mature trees shading parts of the fields where you could find cornhole, croquet and crossword puzzles. The barn itself is a stunningly modern but still perfectly faux aged white and wood aesthetic. Complete with string lights inside and outside of the barn, its a faultless location for parties or weddings that might lead into the evening hours. Complete with a brick outdoor fireplace, plenty of seating, a mobile bar, large patios with rocking chairs and more, Oakley Hill is the perfect spot to celebrate!

The couple arrived shortly after guests, in the cutest matching white and beige outfits. Greeted by smiling faces, hugs and laughter, Kent and Rachel made their way around the venue catching up with friends and family during cocktail hour. We shortly after snuck off for 15 minutes to grab some portraits of just the two of them; family portraits quickly followed up. Rachel and Kent had the most adorable crossword puzzle with questions regarding their lives for guests to answer. This was one of the most unique interactive games I have seen thus far at a wedding or event. How special is that? To see how deeply loved you are by family and friends by them filling out answers to your life. Even something as silly as, "What is Kent's favorite flavor of ice cream?". It may seem small, but these are just some tiny details that create your entire memorable friendship together.

I loved being able to capture friendship, love, cheers and future endeavors that evening at this party. I am excited for this wedding to happen and more excited to show you all the images from the bewildering evening I spent with this lovely group of people.

Vendor List (Oakley Hill really is an all in one!)

Venue: Oakley Hill-Mechanicsville, Virginia

Florals: Oakley Hill-Mechanicsville, Virginia

Catering-Oakley Hill-Mechanicsville, Virginia

Hair: Salon Vivace at the Jefferson Hotel