These two were a blast to work with. I love when wedding clients feel like old friends. I don't think I have cried this much at a wedding before. Abi and I shared tears; Jon and I shared tears. They have built a beautiful life together and it truly shows.

Where do I begin? 

Abi and Jon are nothing short of amazing. This powerhouse couple came into my world about a month before their wedding. Typically, weddings are booked 6-12 months in advance and I have plenty of time to “get to know” the couple so naturally, I was going into this wedding with very little rapport and conversation with the couple. However, the second I met them in person, I felt like I had known them for quite some time. They are so down to earth and relatable. 

They live in Cape Charles, Virginia which is the CUTEST most quaint town I’ve seen. It reminds me of a hallmark movie set. “Jon and Abi tie the knot in the harbor along the Chesapeake Bay.” If that doesn’t set the scene, I don’t know what else will. Upon arrival to the town, I was overcome with small town vibes. The pizza shops billowing that sweet homemade pizza smell down the streets, the small businesses with the cutest bells that ring as you open the door, the sound of feet shuffling down the sidewalks as locals were on their way to their morning coffee. This town is truly something to remember. It’s tucked away in the Chesapeake Bay surrounded by harbors.

Abi owns a floral shop in the historic district of Cape Charles called Seagrass Florals and Apothecary and owns Jon and Abi together own Deadrise Pies and The Shanty. They are so loved by their community. It was a beautiful thing to see.  

First, I arrived at hotel Cape Charles to meet Abi and her family. Greeted by the grand entrance of the hotel with beautiful blue tones and greenery, I was quickly directed to Abi's room. It was located by the courtyard, right by the complimentary bicycles for sight seeing. On the way to her room, I saw her floral shop to my right and when I say it smelled heavenly, I mean it. I am a sucker for apothecaries and florals.

Inside, Abi's family and friends were quick to welcome me. There we photographed the details of the dress, jewelry, shoes and more. Next stop was their home located on the water where Jon was getting ready. Instantly, friends and family greeted me AGAIN! Like y’all, this group of people were so receiving and I felt so at home. We grabbed photos of Jon’s details, like his wedding band which was passed down from family members. How precious is that? 

Before we knew it, their ceremony was beginning and Jon got to see his gorgeous bride for the first time! Their ceremony was dressed in beautiful flowers, wooden church pews, a custom arch and stunning water views. There was laughter in the air, hugs being given and overall the best energy ever. Everyone was so excited to watch these two tie the knot. They even had two loved ones that are no longer on the Earth, their photos placed up front to be there with them in spirit. Their vows consisted of jokes, sweet memories and laughter. They were both beaming with excitement and contentment.

We soon snuck away to their private dock for some bride and groom photos as the rest of the guests made their way to the reception location. This is my favorite part of weddings. The calm and serene stillness that the bride and groom are longing for is finally here. That moment just the two of them (and me but pretend I’m not there haha) alone to embrace either other and really take in the fact that they are MARRIED! This moment in time is crucial for weddings. It’s YOUR wedding day, this is for you both mostly. That’s why I love the bride and groom photos where you can slow down and truly enjoy the whole meaning behind the day; each other!

They left the ceremony by their personal boat which is creativity named after the bride as “Crabby Abi” which was located at their boat dock that is in the rear of their property. Shortly after, they arrived at their reception by boat; located at The Shanty. This was one of my favorite moments. All their friends and family were waiting on the deck watching them arrive by boat, cheering them on and anxiously awaiting the newly married Jon and Abi to walk into the reception. They are surrounded by so much love and community.

We snapped some once in a lifetime images of Jon escorting Abi off the boat onto the dock to walk into their first dance as husband and wife right there on the deck of the shanty by the beer garden. Their first dance was followed up by the father daughter dance and mother son dance. Of course, all the other things happened like cake cutting, dancing, mingling but one of my favorite things to witness was Jon and Abi grabbing a microphone randomly and expressing their joy to everyone. Jon spoke about how thankful he is for such a supportive family and friend base for him and Abi. He spoke about how blessed he is to have Abi and gratitude in general for the whole day. Abi thanked everyone as well for providing the utmost support and love but she made a point to thank Jon for making her dreams come true. Cue the tears. This was so special and so meaningful. The love Jon and Abi share is unmatched.

This whole wedding was a dream. Amazing bride and groom, lovely families/friends and gorgeous locations. Their send off was nothing short of perfection; with their wedding guests lining the dock, a colorful sunset behind them and lots of clapping; they ended the night with warm wishes. 

Vendor List:

Getting Ready Hotel: Hotel Cape Charles (IG:@hotelcapecharles)

Reception: The Shanty (IG:@shantyseafood)

Florals: Seagrass Floral (

Hair Artist: William Pfieffer (IG:@hairbywilliamp)

Make Up Artist: Amber Marshall (IG:@looksbyambs)

Gown: Azazie

Suit: Joseph A Banks

Officiant: Adria Rhodes

DJ: Leland Sharp (IG:@lelandsharp)

Wedding Planner: Tiffany Mohr

Cake: Coastal Baking Co. (IG:@coastalbakingco)