There is something so special about seeing friends who became family years ago get married. Dillon is my younger brothers best friend and has been for over a decade. They grew up together on the same street in a tiny town called Dandridge, Tennessee. I was ecstatic when Dillon and Liz chose me for their photography needs.

So, their love story is like something out of a movie. Dillon and Liz met in 2017 when they both were living in Nashville. Liz was in a car accident which led her to physical therapy where she ended up being Dillon's patient. They instantly connected and things progressed from there. Literally, if their story was a movie, I would watch it 100%.

They booked their engagement session with me in the beautiful downtown Knoxville area in July of 2021. We did a sunrise session, yes you heard that right; we woke up before the sun and made our way to the city for some uninterrupted street shots. We utilized the gorgeous light in the alleyways, by the Tennessee Theatre and around the beautiful buildings that surround the city. I love when couples come prepared with poses they have practiced in the kitchen. I love movement in my photos and they totally accomplished it. We were downtown for over an hour and by the end they were dancing in the streets, quite literally.

Their wedding quickly approached in October of 2021. I met them at their beautiful venue, 4 Points Farm nestled into the dense mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This farm was perfectly protected by tree lines and nature. I loved the rustic old barn on the other side of the creek from the new barn. It was all orchestrated so well. Dillon and Liz perfected the vibe and color scheme, no joke. The SeaGlass, Ivory and Gold colors were so airy and neutral. I still remember walking into the reception area and smelling the fresh flowers throughout the barn.

Every wedding is inevitably beautiful chaos for different reasons but this one was a different type. This one was chaotic (but the beautiful kind where the meaning around the chaos is for good) simply because there were so many people invested in this special day for Dillon and Liz. The team worked together perfectly and even danced together on the floor at the end of the night. There is nothing a wedding photographer loves more than meshing well with other vendors during wedding. It helps everything flow so smoothly, plus adds a layer of fun.

The details ranging from Dillon's fathers memorial to the privately shared vows between the two of them after they snuck off away from everyone were just small pieces of this ultimate masterpiece of memories they created. I know I speak for Dillon, Liz and her family when I say, I am so thankful for the memories they created this day and the photographs they have to remember it from.

Traveling for weddings will always be so honoring to me because of the trust these couples put into their investment with my company. To Dillon, Liz and all my other wedding clients...thank YOU! Thank you for allowing me to be your person. Your calm in the storm, your guide, your therapist, your hype-girl, your fly on the wall, your reassurance, your confidence.