Watching these two grow together over the years has been so honoring. I first met them through a mutual friend who recommended Alana for personal training. She started me on my health journey. Sooner than later I was photographing their fitness business, their engagement and now their wedding!

Daniil and Alana have built a beautiful life for themselves as entrepreneurs. They are dog parents to the cutest two pups! They are very obviously head over heels for each other, mature and ready to start a legacy together. We did their engagement session here in Richmond, Virginia at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in August 2021. I remember the day distinctly; the weather was so back and forth. Ultimately, it ended up raining but they did not let that stop them from getting some stunning images. People say rain on your wedding day is good luck (which it did briefly rain on their wedding day as well) but what about rain on your engagement photoshoot day as well? I believe it is good luck!

I loved meeting Alana for coffee to talk about alllll the things. Details, wants and needs, the dress. There is a part of me that absolutely loves becoming friends with Brides before they get engaged and married. It makes the friendship even better! The best part is going into a wedding day with a deep trust already built. Fast forward to the wedding day. I met with the bride and bridal party for their getting ready photos while two of my associates, Katie and Jayden, met with Daniil and his groomsman/best man.

Alana's getting ready room was a whole vibe. Country music playing, all the precious details laid out, an intimate setting and amazing natural light. The energy was calm and collected. I watched my preferred MUA vendor, Lindsey Jordan Beauty, work her magic once again on the bride, brides mother and matron of honor while we had deep conversations about life, love and anything else you could imagine. Before you knew it, the ladies were popping champagne and preparing for the ceremony.

Daniil and the guys were having a blast in their room. Tons of laughter, fun and photo ops happened. The best man and flower man (yes, they had a flower man and it was amazing) were behind the scenes cheering Daniil on for his portraits. Shortly after, they all poured themselves shots and cheered to this amazing new beginning.

Before we knew it, the ceremony was about to begin. This couple is stunning y'all. I mean, like Vogue magazine stunning. They were so put together and regal. I found myself smiling through editing because they are just so perfect together. You know when you see a couple and it just looks and feels right?

Ceremony time came and Daniil was watching his gorgeous Bride come down the isle towards him. With subtle tears in his eyes and a giant smirk on his face, they exchanged vows. Alana was SO happy, locked in on Daniil the whole time. My favorite part of this ceremony was the officiant reading out loud some questions she had asked them leading up to the wedding about each other. Neither had heard each others answers yet so this was the first time they heard the answer. It was ADORABLE. Some answers were beautifully unexpected which made me tear up.

Everyone knows what follows the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception! Their reception was regal, elegant and classic. The venue was very organized and everything flowed so well for this couple.

I can't get over the bubble send off they did. We chose to do the send off close to the front entrance of the venue where there was floor to ceiling windows and it was phenomenal the way the sun rays casted against the bubbles creating such color. I am not going to lie, their wedding guests were way over achievers with the bubble blowing; I was stunned! So much, that I just saw a wall of bubbles through my lens and no people, ha! So we did a second run through with a more gentle approach and it was perfection. Probably one of my favorite send offs I have ever done.

Cheers to Daniil and Alana for creating a ravishing life with each other. I am so proud of you both and look forward to photographing you all as years pass.

Vendor Details:

Venue- Atlas 42

Make Up Artist- Lindsey Jordan Beauty

Hair Designer- Ha's Salon

Officiant-Christy Harman

DJ- Lamar Mason

Wedding Planner- Becca Menendez

Cake- Atlas 42 Catering

Second Photographer- Katie Mathews with Katie Mathews Photography

Third Photographer- Jayden Discalo with Discalo Images