Bonded RVA offers an effortless, hassle free sparkle to your life through low maintenance permanent jewelry.

I had the pleasure of photographing Krista, the CEO, and her wonderful models for this branding photoshoot for her unique permanent jewelry business. YALL, I am in love with this concept. Who doesn't want 14k gold filled permanent jewelry that is dainty, doesn't tarnish and the perfect touch to any outfit? She offers rings, necklaces, anklets and most popularly, the bracelets. The process of getting one of these pieces of jewelry permanently installed is SIMPLE and painless, plus quick! I personally got 3 bracelets, complete with my children's birthstones as a charm attached to them. I love how I was able to customize my jewelry. I also looooove the fact it doesn't tarnish because I cycle and weight lift often which leads to super sweaty situations, ha! I have yet to see any type of weathering or damage to these bracelets. Might I add, I am very rough on my jewelry.

Krista offers many different variations of styles and colors for jewelry and charms. Her price point is fantastic! My favorite part, as a person with tiny wrists, she custom fits it to your body size. Her brand is currently available in Richmond, Virginia on a pop-up, private party and private appointment basis.

Worried about it being permanent? No worries, its easy to pop off with a tool!